The SoleMates Sandals Story

Interchangeable is in! Women love the variety and functionality that interchangeable products offer! Purses, watches,  jewelry, and now - flip flops!

The founder of SoleMates Sandals was inspired by a watch band made of jewelry beads. She was so intrigued by the beads, with their varying shapes, sizes and colors, and the interchangeable nature of the bands themselves that she began thinking of the many things that these fun and colorful beads might be able to decorate, while still offering the same interchangeable nature of that original watch band that she purchased. And then it hit her . . . what do women love, I mean really love, to shop for more than shoes and jewelry? And why couldn’t they love them both at the same time? That single thought, united shoes and jewelry, and led to the invention of Solemates Sandals.

She poured her heart, soul and hundreds of hours into Research & Development, product sourcing and research to “get it right.” All the intense focus, dedication, and obsessing led to the creation of a functional, stylish, one-of-a-kind, quality product. 

Fast forward to late 2017 . . .  SoleMates Sandals has new owners! We are incredibly excited and are looking forward to growing the brand! We plan to continue the incredible customer service that our customers have come to love.  Going forward, our goals are to continue to create unique, fashionable and functional Mates that women will fall in love with every time they put them on. Take a look around...perhaps you’ll fall in love with Solemates Sandals too.